Ellie Mae Breckenridge Benefit Dinner

The family of Ellie Mae Breckenridge is holding a Benefit dinner and silent auction for the 4 year old Ellie Mae Breckenridge. Ellie has hip displaysia and will be having a major 5+ hour surgery to create a hip socket and fix her hip on November 1st. Ellie will be in a cast from her waist down for The next 3 months after her surgery followed by a long road of therapy to learn to walk again and possibly more immediate surgeries after 6 weeks when she goes to have her cast replaced if her hip socket they create is not healing as it is suppose to be. This is a public event and everyone is welcome. Tickets on sale now for the dinner. Adults $7 and children $5. The event will be on October 22nd at the Jackson Civic Center from 2-6pm with the silent auction ending at 5pm. The link to the event page is below and there is also a GoFundMe page set up to help with expenses. Thank you!